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Mengly J. Quach University Press (MJQUP) is a department of Mengly J. Quach Education (MJQE). It was initialed in the purpose of researching, compiling ideas and opinions on health, social, educational, business, cultural, historical, and literary. And share all that knowledge through extensive publication. So far, our publishing house has produced up to 11 works. Eight among those were written by author Quach Mengly Chandy whose works expressing social issues, education, life experiences, Business Ideas and personal philosophies etc.

Also, we are distributing our works to libraries in remote areas in Cambodia and offering them as gift to Buddhist monks and students who barely able accessing to modern bookstores. Every income gain from selling all those collections is transferred to support charity programs under Mengly J. Quach Foundation. As always, this fund helps the needy people at the grassroots level in the Kingdom of Cambodia like covering their health care, scholarships for poor students and help with natural disaster.

Publish with us

Mengly J. Quach University Press encourages writers of all ages, of all genres, to publish their work with us. We provide considerable sponsorships and broad platform to enhance the literary and creative skills of every enthusiast of any level. MJQUP is one of the efforts of MJQE in making a sustainable impact towards local and regional readers through its publications.

To be published with us, submit your fresh written work to our team via

Our vision

MJQU Press will always carry out source of knowledge to our reader of all ages and genre through its publication. Especially, we hope to see our nationalist come to promote Khmer literature locally and internationally after all.

Our mission

Mengly J. Quach University Press has publicly published a number of books as follows:

Collection for children, Junior, Junior high and public:

  1. You're The Good. Better. Best, Fourth Edition: October, 2020
  2. Dr. Mengly, Coffee and Me, Third Edition: February, 2020
  3. Mengly J. Quach’s Business Concepts, Fifth Edition: September, 2021
  4. Dangrek Mountains ...Unforgetable, Third Edition: September, 2020
  5. Mengly J. Quach’s 108 Ideal Practices, Fifth Edition: September, 2022
  6. Mengly J. Quach’s Business Ideas, Fourth Edition: September, 2022
  7. How I came to know Dr. Mengly Jandy Quach, Third Edition: September, 2022
  8. Dr. Mengly J. Quach’s Poems and Me, Second Edition: January, 2020
  9. My Role Model Oknha Dr Mengly J. Quach, Second Edition: July, 2021
  10. The Philosophy Collection, Second Edition: November, 2020
  11. Poems from the heart, Second Edition: September, 2022
  12. Father's Heart, First Edition: July, 2021
  13. Ragged Cloth, First Edition: July, 2021
  14. Where's Your Helmet? First Edition: December, 2022
  15. Amazing Ping Ping. First Edition: December, 2022
  16. Ride on Mor Mor to visit grandfather. First Edition: December, 2022
  17. Tyto wants to help. First Edition: December, 2022
  18. Money's Slave. First Edition: July, 2023
  19. Shortcut. First Edition: September, 2023
  20. Ksatriya: Leadership in the Khmer tradition. First Edition: August, 2023
  21. Scholar's Path. First Edition: December, 2023

Other edited collection :

  1. The basic of Khmer alphabet for kindergarten 3. Publish Date: 2022
  2. The basic of Khmer alphabet for kindergarten 2. Publish Date: 2022
  3. The basic of Khmer alphabet for kindergarten. Publish Date: 2022
  4. Mathematical books for kindergarten level 3. Publish Date: June, 2022
  5. Mathematical books for kindergarten level 2. Publish Date: 2022
  6. Mathematical books for kindergarten. Publish Date: 2022
  7. Knowing and seeing. Publish Date: 2022
  8. MJQE Booklet. Publish Date: May 2020

Our team:

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