About Mengly J. Quach Education


Welcome to MJQE

Mengly J. Quach Education is known as a unique education system for its superior quality, discipline and services. It is remarkably consistent with the use of high quality learning programs to make a difference for our young generations. We are always optimistic that our standard system will surely provide the best education for our kids and help shape their life to act with respect towards themselves, others, and the world. At Mengly J. Quach Education, we are committed to developing future leaders since youth leadership development has become part of our top priority.

What We Do

Education is a most needed field. We can say that it’s a foundation and spine for the country’s economy and other fields that will lead the whole country to be peaceful and developed.

As Mengly J. Quach Education grows, the purpose of MJQE is to empower its students to achieve their educational and career goals. MJQE is a provider of educational services and the parent company of American Intercon Schools System, Aii Language Centers System and Study Overseas Go Overseas (SOGO). These institutions offer a wide array of programs ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to university research programs.

Our primary goal is to provide high value to the education sector in Cambodia since we are all aware that education is a core sector that can change darkness to light, difficulty to convenience, and poverty to prosperity. At the Mengly J. Quach Education, we truly believe that real knowledge is absolutely priceless for our students because it helps them to not be afraid, to have courage, and to think more critically. So, investing in the education of the future generations is something we have been doing and focusing at the Mengly J. Quach Education.

Please feel free to visit us at any campus of Aii Language Center and American Intercon School to find out more and see if learning within our MJQE community would be the best choice for your beloved kids, and we would be glad to share our unique system and show you why it is so special.

Our Mission

MJQ Education educates the Cambodian public through quality teaching in state-of-the-art facilities using a combination of the latest technologies with creative activities to enhance the learning experience of our students.

Our Vision

MJQ Education is the leading educational provider in Cambodia with quality, discipline and services of the highest standards.

Our Purpose

The purpose of MJQE is to empower its students to achieve their educational and career goals.


Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction: We are dedicated and committed to satisfying customer needs.

Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions. We make and support business decisions through experience and good judgment.

Balance: We are flexible, helping team members strike a balance between healthy work and life.

Open Communication: All team members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views.

Authority Delegation: We authorize business transaction and work flow based on Table of Commitment Authority (TOCA).

Teamwork: We are supportive, loyal and caring to one another.

Integrity: We act with honesty and integrity.

Respect: We treat all our stakeholders with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity.

Results Oriented: We are committed to providing and delivering high quality products and services with pride, enthusiasm and dedication.

Community and Environment: We strive to help and improve the communities by providing safe and sustainable environment.

Our Story

Mengly J. Quach Education Plc. was founded in 2005 by Neak Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach and is the leading educational provider in Cambodia with its main focus on education, health, and social and community development as stated by the US Embassy, “Aii Language Center is a leading and innovative educational institution in Cambodia and is considered a model for other school in the country”.

Mengly J. Quach Education Plc. has evolved from 1 school building, 5 staff and 4 students to 20 campuses, 28 buildings, 23,000 students, 2,595 staff and more than 55,000 alumni.

Mengly J. Quach Education Plc. is known throughout the country for its superior quality education and services and is recognized as one of the largest educational providers in the country. It is also known throughout the country for its notable charity and philanthropic works through its MJQ Foundation.

Our Certificates and Awards